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논문 상세정보

민화의 구성요소에 관한 연구

A Study of the Stuctual Elements of lcons through MINHWA in Lee Dynasty


We are in the process of the deepening of the informationalized society. Such a phenomenon(of deepening of the informationalized society) means that human being is surrounded by a linguistic or semiological environment instead of realistic experience. And it is concerned with the visual design composed by the visual languages and semiotics of Arts. Because the visual design is a kind of the linguisticsmion using the visual formation. This penomena necessarily brings the expansion of the quatity of information and accompanies the simplification of messages. Therefore when we apply the simplicity resulting from the ideality of KYEORE painting(the folk Art of Korea), it can be cotribute to those who should be in the center of semiological environment more deeply as a source to maximize the effect of communication, which is the conclusion of this study. In sort, the characteristics of our KYEORE painting is the ideal expression. There are found not a few problems such as the depiction of forms, the perspective representation, the chiaroscuro, the expression of material if we evaluate them from the western formative viewpoint. But the depiction of the fact is less direct than the ideal expression itself, is likely to be much complicated, and can be far away from the world of reality. Because it is just the first step for satisfying the ideal images in man. In the composition of KYEORE painting is dominated by the rules nonprescription of time amd place, colloquialism of the meaning, distinction maximization. They are all the compositive characteristics resulting from the ideality. If these characteristics are modulated intelligently to the current thoughts, they will help to build the new visual communication system of Korea which has more direct and fast absorption force.

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