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논문 상세정보

중.고등학교 가정과 교과서에 제시된 상용식품의 1인분량 설정 및 영양성분 함량 산출

Determination of Single Serving of Cooked Food and Its Nutritive Values Calculation Presented in Home Econmics Text Books


The purpose of this study is to revise the food composition table based on commonly consumed single serving size of cooked food so the people can easily use the table in each meal. With this revised food composition table, everybody can easily calculate how much they eat, and plan the menu according to how much they need, so hopely contribute to reduce the leftover foods. Eighty-nine kinds of prepared food dishes were selected based on 13 home economics text books of the junior and high schools. The results are summarized as follows: Cooked food dishes comprise various kinds of rice dishes, korean style soups and stewes, fried, roasted or steamed fishes, vegetables and meats, and desserts. Single serving size of cooked food dishes are presented below: 1) rise : 180∼250g, 1(1/3)∼1(2/3)cup 2)soup:320∼400g, 1(1/2)∼2cup 3)pan fried fish or vegetable : 40∼70g 4)deep fried vegetable, fish or meat; 60g 5)kimchi :50g Single serving size of all other dishes are presented based upon the most commonly consumed amount in each meal by adult male.

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