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논문 상세정보

초.중.고등학교 식생활 교육과정의 체계정립 및 필요성 조사연구

A Study on the Systematization and Needs in the Clothing Education Curriculum from Elementary School to High School


The purpose of this study is to systematize the objectives and contents related to clothing education curriculum, and to research the needs for clothing education curriculum required y the Home Economics teachers working from elementary school to high school. These needs have been shown in the research by questionaires, which were distributed to the teachers in the Department of Home Economics School in Teajon and Ch‘ungch’ ongnam-do. The main results of obtained this study are as follows: First as the objectives of clothing education curriculum which are different from each school and each grade have not completely been systematizied they must be carefully reexamined and reorganizied in a coherent system. Second in the findings on the teacher's needs of clothing education curriculum the Home Economics teachers in elementary schools have basic knowledges and skills on clothing education. The teachers in middle schools have the knowledge of the selection care repair of cloths and also acquire skills for clothing education and consumption are some what difficult for elementary students to understand and the contents have been overlapped with those of middle schools curriculum they are not organized in a coherent system of clothing education curriculum higher than over and to systematize clothing education in a coherent and a unified way we must continue to study them and the needs for clothing education.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (3)

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