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논문 상세정보

Morjorie M. Brown의 가정과 교과과정 모형에 근거한 ‘인간발달과 가족관계’ 영역의 학습지도안 개발

Lesson Plan Development Based on Marjorie M. Brown’s Home Economics Curriculum Paradiam in Area of Human Development and Family Relationship


This study developed and proposed a lesson plan for the area of “Human development and family relationship”in secondary home economics curriculum. In current educational practice in secondary home economics curriculum, the employed goal and the nature of home economics are neither stated specifically nor closely interrelated. This problem has led us not being able to achieve pursuing goal of home economics education and to employ appropriate teaching methods. In view of this situation, the purpose of this study was to propose a lesson plan reflecting the contents and teaching methods to overcome difficulties and inefficiency in the current practice of secondary home economics education. The theoretical background of the lesson plan was based on the Marjorie M. Brown’s philosophy of home economics which can be summerized as follows: 1. The goal of home economics is to help individuals and families to become autonomous in their own family life and to be more capable of interacting with others in behalf of well-being of the family and of social evolution toward a free society. 2. The characteristics of home economics is conceptualized as practical science and personal service profession. 3. the nature of problems which home economics should deal with is perennial and practial. 4. Practial reasoning composed of historical understanding, critical action, and reflective thinking is appropriate for the previously mentioned goal and characteristics of home economics and for dealing with perennial practial problems. The lesson plan was proposed for one of perennial problem, “How should we understand, create, and maintain our family culture\ulcorner”by employing practial reasoning and teaching models such as “role play”and “classroom meeting.”

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