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논문 상세정보

중학교 가정과 CAI 프로그램 개발 연구 -건강과 식생활 단원

The Development of CAI Program for the Middle School Home Economics Teaching -In The Units of Health and Food Life-


The purpose of this study was to review the literatures on designing and developing the CAI program and to develop the middle school students’CAI program for tutorial and instructional game. For these purposes, the learning and instructional theories and the developing phases and strategies for the program were reviewed to design the CAI program. And then the developing unit was selected and the CAI types and the developing direction were set according to the analysis of the CAI programs and related literatures on home economics teaching, The four phases-analysis, design, development, and formative evaluation-were carried out in this study. The results of this study are as following: 1. The CAI porgram was developed on health and food life units. The program contains 12 classes on health and food life in two floppy diskettes. It consisted of total 9,000 lines and 76 frame and takes two hours to study this program. This program could be used in educational computers an could be utilized for unit learing tutorial. It was composed of three parts-unit learning, finding maze, and finding food. In the unit learning part, the learning contents in health and food life units were structured and presented. In finding maze and food part, the basic and the applied problems were presented with game. The characteristics of this program were as followings: (1)This program was able to bring learners’motivation due to the strategies of tutorial and instructional game and they can interestingly learn the program for themselves. (2) The learner could practive the learning contents repeatedly and unit learning while playing the gaming, (3) The learner himself can review and supplement the learning contents without teacher’s help. (4) This program was developed to unit learning on health and food life, on the other hand so far many CAI programs for home economics teaching were developed for studying separate learning units. 2. To effectively utilize this program, the guide book for the student and the teacher was developed. It contained method of using the program, introduction of the program, review of the program, the program objectives, the learning contents, and the keys to progress the program.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (3)

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  3. 2003. "Document Research to Identify the Coals of Home Economics Education" 韓國 家政科敎育學會誌 = Journal of Korean Home Economics Education Association, 15(2): 79~99 


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