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논문 상세정보

한국의 탈이 지닌 시학적 이미지를 적용한 Fashion Illustration 연구

A Study on the Fashion Illustration Applied Visual Image of the Traditional Korean Mask


The mask used in drama has been reappreciated, and it needs profound and systematic studies in order to form the mask to effective use. In research, the aesthestic values in the masks of he latter period of Chosun(the mideighteenth century-the early nineteenth century) was examined through the analysis of traditional drama in accordance with the historical social background. In the later period of Chosun, the active performance of the mask in company with the occurrence of a popular movement caused by people's self-awakening showed a close relationship between the development of the mask and its historical background the moulding characteristic of the mask was analysed before and after the eighteenth century, and regionally in the south and in the middle and the north. The mask express the quality of art before he eighteenth century. It showed, on the other hand, a strong social nature and a touch of satires on society in the south and a religional interest in he middle and the north. This study shows from the viewpoint of a aesthetics that traditional Korean mask during Chosun period had comfortable and voluminous forms with beauty curved lines and colors and rhythm. The aesthetic values in mask as expressed through the aesthetic characteristics have been classified the beauty of nature the beauty of personality, the beauty of traditions. Visual image with these beauty in masks were expressed into fashion illustration of suits and dresses.

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