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논문 상세정보


To evaluate the genotoxicities of workers exposed to glue and glue cleaning solution, ambient air monitoring of working place, animal study and human monitoring were carried out. By GC-MS analysis, air samples collected from shoesmaking plant were found to be toluene, xylene, cyclohexane, n-hexane, methyl ethyl ketone, trichloroethylene, butylacetate, isopropyl alcohol. Glue and glue cleaning solution from shoesmaking plant were applicated topically to the CD-1 mice. DNA was isolated from skin 24 hr following the application and analysed for DNA-adducts using the nuclease $P_1$version of $^{32}$P-postlabelling assay. RAL (Relative Adduct Labelling, adducts$10^8$ nucleotides) was significantly increased in a dose-dependent manner in the glue cleaning solution treated mice skin. Peripheral blood DNA-adducts of workers exposed to glue and glue cleaning solution were also analysed by the same method, but there were not significant differences in the peripheral blood DNA-adducts level between exposed and control workers. In addition, glue cleaning solution from shoes factory was evaluated for mutagenicity in the Salmonella plate incorporation assay using strains TA 100 and TA 1535 in the presence and absence of Arochlor 1254-induced rat liver S$_{9}$. There was evident mutagenicity for cleaning solution in TA 100 regardless of $S_9$, but TA 1535 showed positive only in the absence of $S_9$when predicted by Stead model of mutagenicity prediction (p=0.0000). The urine concentrates from workers and controls were also assayed for mutagenicity towards strain TA 100 of Salmonella typhimurium in the presence of $S_9$ using Kado's microsuspension assay, but their mutagenic activities were not found to be significant. These data suggest that shoesmaking workers are exposed to genotoxic compounds and need to be monitored by testing the mutagenicity of human urines. However, $^{32}$P-postlabelling application requires further validation for the routine monitoring of human exposure.osure.

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