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논문 상세정보

서울대기중 아질산기체의 계절별 농도변화

Concentration and Seasonal Variation of Gaseous Nitrous Acid in Seoul Air


Hourly variation of gaseous nitrous acid( HNO$_2$) concentration in Seoul air was monitored from Jan. 11 to SeP. 12, Nitrous acid concentration was determined by DS/IC over nine months of observation, HNO$_2$ range from 0.04 ppb to 5.5 ppb. Gor-tex tube as gaseous HNO$_2$generator in this study is thought to be more convenient and reproducible device than previous generator. As a result of NaOH instead of Na$_2$ CO$_3$/NaHCO$_3$ solution as the IC eluent, we could obtain more stable baseline. The concentration of the NaOH eluent was 15 mM . The limit of detection(3$\sigma$) of the liquid- Phase and gas phase nitrous acid of this method are 1.1ng/$m\ell$ , 0.04 n $\ell$ / $\ell$, respectively. The precisions evaluated by 10 replicate analysis of standard solution and standard gas generated are $\pm$1.59, $\pm$2. 89% RSD, respectively. Due to the lack of standard material for air, direct assessment of the accuracy was not possible. This study was applied to the analysis of Seoul ambient air and their results are reported herein.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (2)

  1. 1995. "Automated Determination of SOx in Air by Diffusion Scrubber-lon Chromatography" 大氣保全 : 韓國大氣保全學會誌, 11(4): 307~313 
  2. 1995. "Improved Analytical Methods of Atmospheric Pollutants and their Applications to Air Quality Assessment" 大氣保全 : 韓國大氣保全學會誌, 11(4): 369~372 


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