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최종이용자컴퓨팅과 최종이용자탐색

End-user Computing and End- User Searching


End-user Computing(EUC) is one of the significant developments of the 1980s with the explosive supply of personal computers and application software related to it. EUC can be defined as the direct assumption of system development and data processing tasks by the user of the service for his own direct benefit. This is in contrast to the traditional approach to computing in which user requirement are identified and defined and then turned over to professional system designers and programmers for implementation, with the end-user a relatively passive participant in the process. The traditional approach to system development has two obvious drawbacks. First, there is the problem that something may be lost in translation of the problem as originally formulated by the requestor and as it is implemented by the computer specialists. Second, there is the problem that it can take a longtime as growth of significant workloads within system department staff. EUC is an attempt to compensate for this drawbacks associated with the traditional system department process. It permits the end-user to interact directly with an information system, utilizing user friendly software support tools. End-user Searching(EUS) can be defined as accessing online databases and performing search operations for the purpose of finding information to be used by that same person rather than another, in contract with intermediary searcher. The concept of EUS is related to the concept of EUS. That is, two concept are similarly to development background, effects and functions. Therefore, as EUC bring on a change the traditional data processing environment, EUS also bring on a change the traditional intermediary search environment.

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