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일본에 있어서 어류양식업의 경영과 어협의 역할;(방어양식경영을 중심으로

The Management of Fish Culture Industry and the Role of Fisheries Cooperatives in Japan;- Focused on Yellowtail Cultural industry -


The Purpose of this research is to analyze and discuss the development of yellowtail aquaculture industry in Japan and its management structure. The research includes the following : (a) It confirms the industrial conditions of yellowtail aqaculture which has a national technical and mass production system that has been developed at great speed. (b) It analyzes yellowtail aqaculture development from a family - oriented management to a large scale production. (c) It examines how the fisheries cooperatives harmonized their role with the object of individual aqaculture management and aqaculture fishing ground management. The reasons for this study focusing on the yellowtail aqaculture industry of Japan are : (a) The yellowtail aqaculture is regared as a typical field in aqaculture because it reflects the general aqaculture history, quantity of fisheries aqaculture product, the number of fishermen involved in this industry, technology , and the live and fish market formation in Japan. (b) The aqaculture has the most powerful entrepreneurial in financial and management style. The aqaculture industry also has a most individual management style which includes planned production and shipping strategy. This research has attempted to study the industrial processes of fisheries aqaculture industry and its management development, and focused on the yellowtail aqaculture industry of Japan. This work also includes data about the aqaculture management of fisheries cooperatives and case by case analysis of aqaculture production. The following results were obtained from this study : First, even though ocean, weather conditions, and widespread propagation of places suitable for aqaculture in Japan were crucial factors in aqaculture development, it must be pointed out that fisheries policy in Japan changed from "catching" in the 1960s to "cultivating". Second, the widespread course of fisheries cultivating technology in Japan has had two characteristics. One is that early aqaculture technology spread to the southern part of Japan and the other is that the metal nets were widely used in the northern part in the 1970s. Japan's yellowtail aqaculture industry's overproduction was due to metal nets. However, the use of mwtal nets also contributed to the improvement of aqaculture and the strategic aspects of aqaculture management. In addition, it should be stressed that Kagoshima prefecture as the pioneer of metal nets contributed to fisheries aqaculture development in japan. Third, as aqaculture technology developed, entrepreneurial qualities of aqaculture management also developed this field into a large scale business. Even though it is not clear, large scale management of yellowtail aqaculture shows evidence of superiority over small andmedium - size management of yellowtail aqaculture. Fourth, yellowtail aqaculture management in Japan hascontributed to the production system and aqaculture strategy to meet consumers' needs and market demands from weather - oriented trational fisheries industry, which overcame their overproduction structure. Fifth, Japanese fisheries cooperative played very important roles in the prevention of fishing grounds production from destruction and in promoting suitable aqaculture facilities so that aqaculture could grow continually.ld grow continually.

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