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논문 상세정보

보건 진료원 제도 운영 평가에 관한 연구 -우리나라 1차 보건의료 제도 방향 재설정을 위하여

A Review of the Operation Community Health Practitioner System as a Reorientation of Primary Health Care


In the changing social and economic conditions, reorientation of the health care system is a process of rearranging health care resources keeping in mind the appropriativeness, relevancy, and efficacy of health care programs. Also it has been recognized recently that the CHP program is in need of review for the same reasons, that is to say, the ease in which health care facilities are available, the high rate of coverage with insurance and the development of an effective transportation system. Therefore there is a social inclination to think that there are no remote areas and to question the roles of public health facilities, health centers, health sub centers and CHP posts. This paper was done to review problems and to propose new directions for the CHP system. The findings of this study are as follows ; 1) It is necessary that primary health care should be simplified into three parts, medical treatment, preventive care services and the organization of administration and logistics. Also each department should be supplemented with the appropriate professional personnel in order to develop a task oriented system. The reorientation of the CHP system should be managed in keeping with that of other public health care systems. Therefore it is necessary to look at the CHP system problems as one aspect of the reorientation process of public health care systems, and to work to find new ways to address these problems. 2) The location of the CHP post should be decided by the needs of the community in both the medical and preventive areas. If the people have a minimum need, the location of the CHP post should be altered and the existing roles of the CHP should be modified to allow for flexibility according to the community needs. 3) Use of the problem solving method in regular team meetings will prove to be as efficient as continuing education programs in improving job competancy. 4) The supervision of CHP's activities should be made by the same type professional personnel, that is, senior CHPs or charge nurses in the public health center at the county level. 5) The operational expensies of CHP post should be supported by the administrative department of the public health center and should create working conditions that will allow the CHP to concentrate on community health service programs. 6) The organizations for community participation, working committees, community health workers and a number of the local assembly, should be activated to provide for participation in finding solutions to health related problems in the com-munity.

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