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논문 상세정보

정신지체아 가족의 스트레스와 적응과의 관계연구

An Analysis on the Pathway between Family Stress and Adaptation in Families with Mentally Handicapped Children


In comparison with the long and continuous his-tory of research in the general area of stress and coping, theoretical and clinical interest in family stress and adaptation is a recent phenomenon. To understand the phenomena of family behavior, a comprehensive theoretical framework is needed to us provide an adequate background to for research. This study was designed to develop and test a hypothetical model for family stress and adaptation in families with handicapped children. A hypothetical model was constructed on the basis of the family stress theory developed by McCubbin etc. The model included six paths. For the purpose of model testing, empirical data was collected from May to August, 1992. The subjects of the study were 190 parents of chidren in five special schools and one private institute in Seoul and Choong Nam. An SPSS P $C^{+}$ and PC-LISREL 7.13 computer programs were used for descriptive and covariance structure analysis. The results of the study are as follows. (1) Family Stress(${\gamma}$$_{3l}$=-.288, T=-4.942) had a direct effect on Family Adaptation. (2) Family Functioning ($\beta$$_{21}$=-.373, T=5.595) had a direct effect on Situational Definition. (3) Family Functioning ($\beta$$_{31}$ =.334, T=5.375) had a direct effect on Family Adaptation. (4) Situational Definition( a2=.270, T=4.285) had a direct effect on Family Adaptation The model was supported by the empirical data. Thus it is suggested that the model could be adequately applied to family nursing care of families with a mentally handicapped child. In particular, the nursing interventions that enhance family functioning and the situational definition would improve family adaptation in families with mentally handicapped children.n.n.

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