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논문 상세정보

4불화탄소 플라즈마처리에 의한 폴리에스테르 직물의 발수가공

Water Repellent Finish of Polyester Fabric Using Carbontetrafluoride Plasma Treatment


In order to produce a water repellent surface on polyester fabric, samples were treated in the atmosphere of $CF_4$ glow discharge plasma. The samples used in the study were ployester fabric and poyester film. The purpose of film treatment is for the comparison of hydrophobicity with fabric sample at same treatment condition. Radio frequency(13.56MHz) generator was used as electric source and its in put power is 100 Watt. Water repellency was evaluated by contact angle measurement. Result obtained are as follows. 1) Fiber interstice of original fabric was ana lysed as 0.43$\mu$m, and this value was sufficiently ideal for making water repellent fabric. 2) The most favorable setting position of substrate was the center area between two electrodes. 3) Fabric contact angle was higher than film contact angle at same treatment condition, and its difference was more than 50${\circ}$. And it was incapalbe of fabric contact angle measurement when the film contact angle was less than 90${\circ}$. because the fabric is susceptible to absorption of water by the capillary effect. 4) Fabric contact angle can not revealed the precise defferences of surface hydrophobicity, however, the film contact angle showed the real hydrophobic nature. 5) It was not sufficient method to evaluate the hydrophobicity of fabric surface by merely measure of the water contact angle. 6) It showed high water repellent nature at 0.06 torr of $CF_4$ plasma gas pressure and duration of 45 seconds treatment, and it can not be anticipated more improved nature if the pressure and duration of treatment time were increased.

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