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논문 상세정보

대학생의 성 및 AIDS에 관한 의식 연구

A Study on the University Student's Consciousness about Sex and AIDS


Although the officially confirmed incidence of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome(AIDS) has remained low thus far in Korea, the progression of the pandemic has been rapid, concerned about an eventual increase in transmission. Until a vaccine or cure is found, public information and education remain an important weapon against AIDS. For the year 2000, the current WHO projection is that there will be a cumulative total of 40 million HIV infections in man, woman and children, of which more than 90% will be in the developing countries. The incerased mortality among adults and children has raised concerns that AIDS may become so devastaing as to reverse positive population growth rates and wipe out entire population. In order to plan for the rising incidence of patient with AIDS, an assessment of AIDS-related cognition and behavior, attitude of the recognized high-risk groups is necessary. Considering that undergraduates have sexuality active and more oriented toward sexual concerns than other ages. Adolescents today are more sexually involved than in the past: The media, including films, music, and television, reinforce sexual concerns by preseating images of highly sexual adolescents. Incidence of both petting and sexual intercourse in higher and occurs at earlier ages, they are important reservoir of AIDS infection. Hence, it has become important to emymerats and describe the knowledge, attitude and behavior of them, I want.. This information will eventually guide the direction of change in public policies and education programs to meet the challenges of AIDS. The objective of this study were to identity Knowledge, Attitude, Experience of Sex and AIDS in Korea. The data were collected by survey at Korean Federation for AIDS Affairs, INC. and J university, K junior college. After October in 1993, surveyed with 507 student during their's college days in Seoul. The questionnaire was designed to provide information on sex and AIDS-related knowledge and attitudes and experience. AIDS-related knowledge was measured by using 26 questions on mode of transmission and AIDS-related attitudes were measured by 7 questions, AIDS-related experience was measured by 5 questions. There were the main dependent variables in our study, In conclusion, students during their university day need to develop AIDS-preventive education programs. Clearly, the many AIDS-prevention educational effort need to be guided by well trained health agents. Financial supports from all sectors (i.e., public and private) of our society are required to achieve that end. Further researches on AIDS-related Knowledge and Attitude and behaviors of undergraduates are needed for the development of comprehensive AIDS prevention programs.

참고문헌 (0)

  1. 이 논문의 참고문헌 없음

이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. 2003. "A Study on Sexual Attitudes Sexual Behaviors and Parents-Children Relationships among College Students in Korea" 대한가정학회지 = Journal of the Korean Home Economics Association, 41(1): 111~124 


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