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논문 상세정보

전북지역 양호교사의 AIDS 관련 지식과 태도 조사연구

AIDS Related Knowledge and Attitudes Among School Nurses in Chonbuk Province


AIDS preventional efforts need to be guided by well trained health care personnel especially by school nurses for the adolescents. This study was designed to get basic data about AIDS educational program development for school nurses. The objectives of this study were to 1) identify AIDS knowledg of school nurses 2) identify AIDS attitudes of school nurses and 3) identify association between AIDS knowledge and sociodemographic characteristics. Data were collected from 173 subjects in Chonbuk province. Self-reporting questionnaire were administered during the period from 1st of June to 30th of June, 1994. AIDS related knowledge was measured by using 44 questions on cause(3 items), testing(3 items), mode of transmission(15 items), clinical manifestations(5 items), treatment(3 items), prevention(5 items), complication(4 items), infection control(3 items) and Using resources(3 items). AIDS related attitudes were measured by five point Likert scales using 13 questions on perceived threats from AIDS crisis (4 items), perceived severity to AIDS(2 items), perceived needs about psychosocial care for HIV infected patients(3 items) and perceived educational needs of AIDS(4 items). The collected data were analyzed by SPSS/PC/sup +/, using percentages, Mean and S.D. descriptive purpose and t-test or F for comparing the variables. The major findings were as follows: 1. Respondents ranged in knowledge of AIDS between 0 and 44 with the 33.79 mean score. Percentage of correctly answered respondents to each categories - mode of transmission : 87.0% - clinical manifestation : 85.0% - cause : 82.5% - prevention : 81.5% - treatment : 76.1% - infection control : 72.8% - testing of HIV infection 71.8% - using community resourses : 50.9% - complication : 45.8% 2. The respondents' attitudes of AIDS The majority(70%) showed higher perceived threat The majority(91.3%) showed higher perceived severity to AIDS crisis As a whole, perceived needs about psychosocial care for HIV infected patients negative The majority (over 96.5%) showed highly perceived educational needs of AIDS. 3. The relationship between AIDS knowledge and each of those general character. AIDS knowledge shows significant difference with age(F=3.50, p<.016), years of professional experience(F=4.14, p<.007) and received lecture about AIDS(F=4.54, p<.000). There was no significant difference between AIDS knowledge and job satisfaction.

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