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호스피스 전개에 있어서 과제와 방향에 대한 모색 -호스피스 전개를 위한 교육적 측면에서

Review on the Approaches and Issues of the Hospice Care Program


The conecpt of hospice care for the terminally ill is a development of relatively modern times, although it has its origins in antiquity. The hospice will be able to handle progressively more and more patient, to the limit of its resources. The purposes of this study were to review of demand and issues of the hospice care programes and to recommand the hospice care approaches in south Korea that using the book-review method. At this point, although at present there is a general unawareness of hospice throughout Korean society, the public will become gradually aware of hospice. This will thus aid the development of hospices. Awareness will come about because of the educational efforts of medical schools, nursing schools, allied health training programs, practicing hospice care giver, universities, and others interested in hospice education. At present, there are many issues of the hospice care program that are hospice resources problems of manpower, facilities, finances, and cost of hospice services, quality of care, and ethics. Additional studies are needed to determine the most efficacious organizational hospice models for varying conditions. They will insist upon reasonable regulatory agency regulations that will promote the hospice idea and. permit adequate remuneration for services provided. More research is needed on health professionals', patients', and others' attitudes towards death.

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