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논문 상세정보

강아지에서 컨벡스스캐너를 이용한 정상적인 심장구조물의 초음파상

Ultrasound Imaging of Normal Cardiac Structures with Convex Scanner in Puppies


Sector scanner which has a conical end is used to image through the intercostal space because heart is protected by the ribs. Cardiac data published all around the world were also obtained by sector scanner. Although scanners being used in every small animal practice and animal hospital at college in Korea include convex ape and linear type, linear type is not appropriate f3r cardiac scan because of a wide contact surface. The purpose of this study is to establish ultrasonographic images of normal cardiac structures by measuring shape, size of reflectable cardiac structure according to restraint position in scanning normal heart of the puppies with 6.5 MHz convex scanner(SonoAce 4500, Medison, Korea) used in our veterinary teaching hospital, Seoul national university. Seventeen male and female puppies considered having healthy hear by X-ray and clinical examination are used feom April to July 1994. Scanning point selection of probe head and the distinction of imaged cardiac structures were accomplished by necropsy and cardiac scanning performed through thoracotomy under general anesthesia. At 10 o'clock position of transducer(at an angle of 30$^{\circ}$ between imaginary line from elbow joint to 3rd sternum and probe head, 60$^{\circ}$ from body surface, 4th intercostal space of right thorax) with the marker of scanner toward the head of dogs right atrium, left atrium and left ventricle were observed in 2, 3, 4, 5 intercostal space(2cm from the sternum) of experimental dog positioned ventrodorsally under general anesthesia. Under these conditions, the numerical values of imaged diastolic hear are as follows : the distance from skin to apex(mean$\pm$S.D) 47.53$\pm$6.94mm, thickness of left ventricular wall 6.00$\pm$1.60mm, length of left ventricle 16.27$\pm$5.31mm, width of left ventricle 15,33$\pm$4.25mm, length of left atrium 12.33$\pm$3.82mm, width of left atrium 11. 33$\pm$3.94mm, length of right atrium 1.00$\pm$2.41mm, width of right atrium 11.21$\pm$2.76mm and the area of left ventricle 270.92$\pm$109.81mm$^2$, area of left atrium 98.00$\pm$41.08mm$^2$, area of right atrium 62.75$\pm$21.04mm$^2$.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. 1998. "Ultrasonographic Evaluation of the Thorax and Abdomen in Horse" 韓國臨床獸醫學會誌= Korean journal of veterinary clinical medicine, 15(1): 14~21 


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