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논문 상세정보

국내 임상시험 실시기관의 의약품 임상시험 관리현황 분석

Study on the Clinical Trial Practice of Drugs at the Designated Hospitals


The purpose of this study is to understand present situation of clinical trials, and evaluate the preparedness of the desiRnated institutions to abide by GCP(Good Clinical Practice) standards during clinical trials. Survey on the status of clinical trials was conducted for the desienated 83 clinical trial hospitals, and response rate was $95.2\%$. The results showed that 39 hospitals have conducted clinical trials to obtain drug manufacturing approval from 1990 to 1994. Most of them were trials on Phase III. Only $46.8\%$ of the institutions had sufficient human resources to perform the clinical trials. Institutions which established IRB(Institutional Review Board) accounted for 41 or $51.9\%$, but those who have a protocol evaluation guideline, or Adverse Drug Reaction(ADR) reporting system were only 12, and 21 Places, respectively. Regarding supervision of the investigational drugs, less than 30 institutions designated pharmacist as a supervisor. In conducting clinical trials, $97.4\%$ of trials had high rates of prior consent of testees, but only part of them-$61.7\%$-gave written consent. The level of conducting GCP is found to be unsatisfactory. Institutions must build the appropriate infrastructure and government must prepare in order to protect testees' rights as well as to ensure validity of the results.

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