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논문 상세정보

우리나라 가정학의 당면문제점과 그 역사적.철학적 배경요인에 관한 연구

A Study on the Confronting Problems of Home Econoics in Korea and Its Historical and Philsophical Causing Background


This study examined the confronting problems in home economics and its historical and philosophical causing background, and suggested the future direction for home economics and home economics education. This study, hoped to help home economics overcoming its chaotic situation, and to establish academic characteristics through a philosophical consistency: 1. What are the significant problems which home economics has confronted, and the consequences of those problems\ulcorner 2. What are the fundamental caues of the problem\ulcorner 3.What should be the nature of home econimics to be able to overcome the confronting problems and what can be proposed for the future of home economic\ulcorner Each research question was addressed by analyzing Journal articles, theses, philosophical studies in the field. The results were as follows; 1. such problems as the ambiguity in research focus and the nature of academic charateristcs, and the limitation of research method have resulted fragmentation and specialization in the field, and the lack of philosophical research. Also they led home and family. Moreover each problem brought chaos into curriculum of home economics and that of home economics deucation. 2. The philosophical causing backgrounds of present problems are western ideas such as pragmatism, positivism, Social Darwnism and Korean ideas such as Confucian tradition, Practical Science movement in the 19th century, and modernization and industrialization from the middle of 20th century. Along with influencing historical situation these backgrounds have distorted home economics to be technical science oriented. 3. To solve these problems academic characteristics of home economics must be reestablished as practical science and as profession. This study proposed following for the future of home economics and home economics education: (1) For the future of home economics, first, it needs to recover the unity as one academic field with its focus on family by overcoming fragmentation and specialization trend in the field. Secondly, philosophical and historical studies must be carried o for the unity of all specialized field in home economics. Thirdly, home economics must try to reestablish and reflect in pratice its acadimic characteristics as practical science and as profession. (2) For home economic eduation, first, it should not be the instrument for idelogies of powerful social systems. And teacher education for home economics teachers must inclued principles of home economics and philosophy and history of home economics enabling teachers to achieve purposes of home economics. Secondly, its curriculum contents should be composed of practical ones beyond technical ones.

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