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논문 상세정보

남성정장의 의복단서와 관찰자의 자기모니터링이 직업적합성 지각에 미치는 영향

The Effect of Clothing Cues and Perceiver's Self-Monitoring on Perception of Occupational Suitability-


The purpose of this study was to investigate(1) the effects of clothing cues of 20s young man in business suits on the perception of occupational suitability in an office setting and (2) the effect of Perceiver's self-monitoring and sex on the perception of occupational suitability formed by the function of clothing cues. The experimental design of this study was between-subjects 23 factorial design. The experimental materials developed for the study were a set of stimuli and a response scale. The stimuli consisted of 8 color photographs of a young man wearing business suits which were manipulated at two levels for each of three clothing cues (suit color, suit style, necktie color). Each one of eight sub-samples included 14 subjects from 2 perceiver groups by sex. The questionaires used to measure perceivers' responses to the stimuli were constructed in 12 five-point likert scale representing occupational suitability and self-Monitoring was measured by the self-Monitoring Scale by Gangestad adn Snyder. The subjects consisted of 224 male and female college students in Seoul. The data was processed by ANOVA and MCA(Multiple Classification Analysis). The result were as follows: (1) The Clothing cues of young man in business suits(suit color, suit style) partially influenced the occupational suitability. (2) The perception of occupational suitability formed by the clothing cues of a young man in business suits was partially influenced by the perceiver's self-monitoring and sex. Female high self-monitoring group were more affected by the clothing cues than any other groups.

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