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논문 상세정보

서울시 아파트 거주 중년기 가정의 생활실태와 문제(III) : 시간사용을 중심으로

Family Life Issues of Middle Aged Apartment-Residents in Seoul : Focused on Time Use


The purpose of his research was to identify the time use of the middle aged apartment-residents in Seoul as a part of collaborative study of family life issues of them. The data were collected from 307 fulltime housewives with at least one child in a middle or high school. Data were analysed by means of the statistics of mean, frequency, Pearson's correlation, ANOVA and Multiple Regression, using a SPSS/PC+ program. The major findings of this research were as follows : Husbands and middle or high school children do much work or study, while housewives do housework about 6 hours a weekday. Much housewives don't manage their time use. Housewives have much leisure time and the in main Leisure activity is TV watching. Much of them don't satisfied with their leisure life. Satisfaction with time use of housewives are related to life satisfaction, and effected by time management and active leisure participation. Most of housewives don't satisfied with their time use.

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  1. 1996. "The Relations between Leisure Expenditure Leisure Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction: A path analytic approach" 한국가정관리학회지 = Journal of Korean Home Management Association, 14(3): 121~136 


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