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논문 상세정보

도로위계구조를 고려한 노선배정기법에 관한 연구

Traffic Assignment Incorporating Route Choice Behavior in Hierachical Highway Structure


Conventional traffic assignment techniques usually do not consider traveler's route choice behavior affected by hierachicla strucfture in urban highway system. This study realizes the route choice behavior such that travelers tend to choose more higher level of highway rather than lower level of highway for longer trops. Otherwise, for shorter trips, travelers tend to choose lower level of highway unless they can get sufficient travel time saving by using mojor arterial street or freeway (higher level of highway). Therefore, this study suggests a traffic assignment technique incorrporating route choice behavior related to hierachical highway structure by introducing some perception costs to generalized cost function such as perceptional preference measureemnt for higher level higheay and perceptional penalty when changing to different level of highway. Through simulation analysis, it is shown that the simulation results with the new traffic assignment echnique can be different a lot from the results with the convential method.

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