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논문 상세정보

Ultrastructural Changes of Germ Cell during the Gametogenesis in Korean Rockfish, Sebastes schlegeli


Fine structural changes of germ cell during the gametogenesis of Korean rockfish, Sebastes schlegeli sampled in west coast of Korea were investigated from September 1993 to August 1994. In a layer of microvilli of oocyte with active yolk duplication, many pinocytotic vesicles containing protein granules regarded as yolk precursors were observed. The multivesicular bodies were formed by gathered mitochondria. They are participated in formation of the primary yolk globules homogeneously filled with high dense particles and enclosed within a limiting membrane. The precursors of yolk globule appeared to be formed by modification of mitochondria and they developed into the primary yolk globules with participation of large and dense pinocytotic vesicles. Yolk globules in mature oocyte were consisted of three components: the crystalline type main body, the superficial layer with dense and fine granules, and the limiting membrane. Steroid hormone secreting cells were recognized in the interstitial cells of growing testis. Numerous endoplasmic reticula and large mitochondria with well developed tubular cristae appeared in their cytoplasms. The axoneme in the tail flagellum of spermatozoon consisted of nine pairs of microtubules at the periphery and one pair at the center, and they were covered with doublet microtubules.

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