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논문 상세정보

가정학의 반성적 고찰 : 새로운 패러다임의 구축을 위한 시론I

A Review on the Evaluation of Home Economics in Changing Korean Society : An Attempt for Constructing a New Paradigm


These days, Home Economics in Korea is confronted with the inner argument about its identity and the outer pressure of re-organization caused by educational reformation. Fundamentally, these internal and external challenges to Home Economics arise from that Home Economics has not been fulfilling the needs of individuals and families due to weakening of integrate perspective, insufficient practice and conservative tendency of study. To get over the current problems and construct a new paradigm of Home Economics contributing to the requirements of new era, the following prerequisites might be fulfilled; \circled1 More active concern about surmounting the alienation that threatening the modern family life and self-actualization of individuals. \circled2 An endeavor to find a new family philosophy and patterns of family culture as the basis of community restoration that harmonize the traditions with changes. \circled3 An Effort to find a highter values that contribute to symbiosis and development of global community including all human beings, creatures and eco-system on the earth.

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  1. 이 논문의 참고문헌 없음

이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (4)

  1. 2000. "The Contribution and Evaluation to the Studies in Family Resource Management" 한국가정관리학회지 = Journal of Korean Home Management Association, 18(1): 231~242 
  2. 2000. "Practical Issues of Housing Studies" 한국가정관리학회지 = Journal of Korean Home Management Association, 18(1): 257~265 
  3. 2003. "Research on the Contents Construction for the Information-oriented Family Life and Development of Professional Occupations : Based on the Analysis of the Present Condition of Information Needs among the Human Ecology Majors" 한국가정관리학회지 = Journal of Korean Home Management Association, 21(3): 75~85 
  4. Cho, You-Hyun ; Shin, Hee-Yong 2009. "Content Analysis of the Treatises Published in Journal of the Korean Home Economics Association" 대한가정학회지 = Journal of the Korean Home Economics Association, 47(10): 87~95 


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