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교통신호의 페이스순서 및 페이스간격을 고려한 신호최적화

Optimum signal setting based on phase sequence and interval in an isolated intersection


In a large signal intersection, it is the most important to set phase sequences and phase intervals of traffic signal in order to improve the efficiency of the capacity as well as safety. These setting allows to select the best sequence of signal phase among several alternatives, and thus to rearrange the starting and ending points of the individual phase using an effective interphase periods (EIP). The EIP is a gap between previous and current traffic movements at a potential collision point in an intersection. Each of traffic movements has an equality for safety and efficiency at the balanced condition of EIP. This paper presents how to set optimally the phase sequences and intervals of traffic signal in an intersection using phase based approach. And in the second part, we applied the theory developed in the first part. In particular, a numerical example of phase base signal setting is presented using a matrix computation method in order to select the best sequence among several alternatives, and thus to rearrange the starting and ending points of the individual phase using the EIP. This method also allows to apply to optimum signal setting even in five-lag or staggered-type intersection.

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