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논문 상세정보

차량용량을 고려한 대중교통 통행배정모형구축에 관한 연구

A User Equilibrium Transit Assignment Model with Vehicle Capacity Constraint


The purpose of the thesis is providing a new formulation for the transit assignment problem. The existing models dealing with the transit assignment problem don't consider the congestion effects due to the insufficient capacity of transit vehicles. Besides, these models don't provide solutions satisfying the Wardrop's user equilibrium conditions. The congestion effects are considered to be concentrated at the transit stops. For the transit lines, the waiting times at the transit stops are dependent on the passenger flows. The new model suggests the route section cost function analogous to the link performance function of the auto assignment to reflect the congestion effects in congested transit network. With the asymmetric cost function, the variational inequality programming is used to obtain the solutions satisfying Wardrop's condition. The diagonalization algorithm is introduced to solve this model. Finally, the results are compared with those of EMME/2.

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