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논문 상세정보

유방낭성변화:유방암 저위험군에서의 단순 유방촬영술과 초음파소견

Fibrocystic Change in Breast: Mammographic and UItrasonographic Findings in Lower Risk Lesions


Purpose : We performed this study to define the characteristic mammographic and ultrasonographic findings inlower risk lesions of fibrocystic change and also tried to evaluate the role of both modalities in planning thetreatment of these lesions. Materials and Methods : We retrospectively reviewed 38 cases of mammography and 46cases of ultrasonography in biopsy proven 55 cases of fibrocystic change, histologically showing thenonproliferative pattern or proliferative pattern without atypia. We analyzed the mammographic andultrasonographic findings, final assessments, and compared the effectiveness of each modality. Results : Onmammography, there were no abnormalities in 20 cases(53%), nodules or masses in 9 cases(24%), microcalcificationsin 6 cases(16%) and asymmetric density in 5 cases(14%). On ultrasonography, there were 40 cases(87%) of focalsonographic abnormality and no abnormality in 6 cases(13%). Most focal sonographic abnormalities were smooth(40cases, 93%), well-defined(21 cases, 49%) or ill-defined(22 cases, 51%) round or oval(36 cases, 84%) shaped,homogeneous(31 cases, 67%), hypoechoic(30 cases, 65%) lesions. Final assessment revealed that only 7 cases(18%) ofmammography and 8 cases(18%) of ultrasound examinations were included into the category of indeterminate andmalignancy groups which were recomended biopsy. Mammography was excellent to demonstrate the microcalcificationsand ultrasonography was effective in depiction of the focal lesions. Conclusion : The mammography andultrasonography findings were not specific in diagnosing lower risk group of fibrocystic change. But complementarystudy of both modalities in conjunction with clinical findings will be helpful in making decinion amary biopsy,fine needle aspiration, and simple close follow up of the lesions.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. 1996. "Fibrocystic Change of Breast : Relation with Parenchymal Pattern on Mammogram and Fibroadenoma" 대한방사선의학회지 = Journal of the Korean Radiological Society, 35(4): 623~626 


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