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논문 상세정보

고속충돌노즐을 이용한 분류층 가스화기내의 유동특성에 관한 연구

Study on flow characteristics in entrained flow gasifier with high speed impinging jet


An entrained flow gasifier simulating the cold mode was tested to estimate its performance for coal gasification and flow characteristics with a developed high speed impinging jet nozzle. The burner was designed for high temperature and high pressure(HTHP) conditions, especially for IGCC(Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle). In order to get proper size of droplets for high viscous liquid such as coal slurry, atomization was achieved by impacting slurry with high speed (over 150m/sec) secondary gas (oxygen/or air)/ Formed water droplets were ranged between 100.mu.m to 20.mu.m in their sizes. The flow characteristics in the gasifier was well understood in mixing between fuel and oxidizer. Both external and internal recirculation zones were closely investigated through experimentation with visualization and numerical solutions from FLUENT CODE.

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