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논문 상세정보

크랭크축 각속도의 변동을 이용한 기관 이상 진단 방법 비교

Comparison of engine fault diagnostic techniques using the crankshaft speed fluctuation


^In this paper, diagnostic technique for detecting the engine faults, especially misfire, are introduced and compared with each other under the same conditions. With all of them the instantaneous angular velocitys, measured at the flywheel, were analyzed. The techniques include the frequency analysis, auto-correlation function, velocity index, acceleration index, maximum acceleration index, and integrated torque index. Since the main driving components for the angular velocity fluctuation are both the pressure and the inertia torque, the component of the inertia torque in it must be excluded to extract the information of the combustion from the angular velocity. To do this, it is required to consider only the first half of the combustion period in the angular velocity fluctuations, which has never been proposed in the existing methods. On the basis of this fact, the results show that the most effective diagnostic technique is maximum acceleration index.

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