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논문 상세정보

디젤엔진 관련 Soot 부착 및 재유입에 관한 화염에서의 연구

A Flame Study of Soot Deposition and Reentrainment in Application to Control of Diesel Soot Emission


A study of soot deposition and reentrainment was carried out both theoretically and experimentally to understand behavior of soot formed by incomplete combustion in a diesel engine. Theoretically, soot deposition on engine cylinder wall and/or piston head was studied with a stagnation point flow approximation. Soot reentrainment occurred upon exhaust gas blowdown was also studied by assuming a long-normal shear velocity distribution. Experimentally, a LPG$O_2/N_2$ flame impinging on a disk, produced by a concentric tubular burner, was chosen as deposition configuration and a shear flow unit with compressed air was installed for the study of reentrainment. For selected flame configuration, soot deposition measurements were conducted and showed that the dominant deposition mechanism was thermophoresis. Distributions of gas temperature and soot number density were estimated by combining data obtained by a B-type thermocouple with a thermophoretic transport theory. Disk temperature distributions were directly measured using a K-type thermocouple. Soot size and morphology were estimated from a TEM photograph. Ratios of soot deposit to reentrained amount were measured for a wide range of shear flow velocities, which showed that the reentrainment model was reasonable.

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