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논문 상세정보

퍼지이론을 이용한 회전기계의 진동진단법

Vibration Diagnosis Method for Rotating Machinery Using Fuzzy Theory


Large scale plants are equipped with a number of the rotating machineries which ocuupy important positions in the plant system. Therefore, the most important one is a vibraiton diagnostic thchnology which can detect quickly any abnormal symptom of operating malfunction and guve operational and inspection guides adequately. A new diagnosis method is developed in this paper, in which the fuzzy set theory is introduced to diagnose the defects of ratating machinery. The selection of memgership function and the fuzzy operation model are discussed in datail here. The systme is sucessfully used for various defacts diagnosis of rotating machinery. The result indicate that realixtic application can be builtusing this approach.

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