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ABRN:주문형 멀티미디어 데이터 베이스 서비스 시스템을 위한 버퍼 교체 알고리즘

ABRN:An Adaptive Buffer Replacement for On-Demand Multimedia Database Service Systems


In this paper, we address the problem of how to replace huffers in multimedia database systems with time-varying skewed data access. The access pattern in the multimedia database system to support audio-on-demand and video-on-demand services is generally skewed with a few popular objects. In addition the access pattem of the skewed objects has a time-varying property. In such situations, our analysis indicates that conventional LRU(least Recently Used) and LFU(Least Frequently Used) schemes for buffer replacement algorithm(ABRN:Adaptive Buffer Replacement using Neural suited. We propose a new buffer replacement algorithm(ABRN:Adaptive Buffer Replacement using Neural Networks)using a neural network for multimedia database systems with time-varying skewed data access. The major role of our neural network classifies multimedia objects into two classes:a hot set frequently accessed with great popularity and a cold set randomly accessed with low populsrity. For the classification, the inter-arrival time values of sample objects are employed to train the neural network.Our algorithm partitions buffers into two regions to combine the best roperties of LRU and LFU.One region, which contains the 핫셋 objects, is managed by LFU replacement and the other region , which contains the cold set objects , is managed by LRUreplacement.We performed simulation experiments in an actual environment with time-varying skewed data accsee to compare our algorithm to LRU, LFU, and LRU-k which is a variation of LRU. Simulation resuults indicate that our proposed algorthm provides better performance as compared to the other algorithms. Good performance of the neural network-based replacement scheme means that this new approach can be also suited as an alternative to the existing page replacement and prefetching algorithms in virtual memory systems.

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