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논문 상세정보

턴-오프 특성이 향상된 Shorted Anode 수평형 MOS 제어 다이리스터

A shorted anode lateral MOS controlled thyristor with improved turn-off characteristics


A new lateral MOS controlled thyristor, named Shorted Anode LMCT(SA-LMCT), is proposed and analyzed by a two-dimensional device simulation. The device structure employs the implanted n+ layer which shorts the p+ anode together by a common metal electrode and provides a electron conduction path during turn-off period. The turn-off is achieved by not only diverting the hole current through the p+ cathode short but also providing the electron conduction path from the n-base into the n+ anode electrode. In addition, the modified shorted anode LMCT, which has an n+ short junction located inside the p+ anode junction, is also presented. It is shown that the modified SA-LMCT enjoys the advantage of no snap-back behavior in the forward characteristics with little sacrificing of the forward voltage drop. The simulation result shows that the turn-off times of SA-LMCT can be reduced by one-forth and the maximum controllable current density may be increased by 45 times at the expense of 0.34 V forward voltage drop as compared with conventional LMCT. (author). 11 refs., 6 figs., 1 tab.

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