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논문 상세정보

RF 수신부를 내장한 GPS 안테나 시스템의 설계 및 제작

Design and fabrication of the GPS antenna system including RF-stage


When GPS (global positioning system) is used as synchronous signal in CDMA digital cellular base station system and high speed digital synchronous communication network, antenna cable length is increased, comparing with other GPS application such as positioning or car navigation. In this paper, it is proposed that a type of new GPS antenna system including RF stage for reduction of cable loss in case of long cable.The antenna system with TMPA(truncated-corners microstrip patch antenna) is designed and fabricated because GPS signal has RHCP (right-hand circular polarization), consequently antenna size can be made small size. LNA (low noise amplifier) is designed by using HEMT(high electron mobility transistor)which has lower noise figurae and better AGC characteristics at low voltage than GaAs FET, and we equiped mixer, in GPS antenna unit, which converts from 1575.42MHz to 75.42MHz. As result of comparing between typical system and proposed system when cable length is 60m, 63dB, 55dB and 25dB gain are obtained for RG-316/U, RG-58C/U and RG-213/U, and better characteristics are achieved than typical system as far as cable length is longer.

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