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This paper has been presented a design of a POCSAG decoder in RT-level VHDL and implemented in a FPGA chip, and tested. In a single clock of 76.8KHz, the decoder receives all the data of the rate of 512/1200/2400bps and has maximum 2-own frames for service enhancement. To improve decoder performance, the decoder uses a preamble detection cosidering 9% frequency tolerance, a SCW detction and a ICW detection at each 4 bit. The decoder also corrects a address data and a message data up to 2 bits and proposes the PF (preamble frequency) error for saving battery. The decoder increases a battery life owing to turn off RF circuits when the preamble signal is detected with nises. The chip has been designed in RT-level VHdL, synthesized into logic gates using power view$^{TM}$ of viewlogic software. The chip has been implemented in an ALTERA EPF81188GC232-3 FPGA chip with 98% usability, and fully tested in shield room and field room. The chip has been proved that the wrong detection numbers of preamble of noises are significantly reduced in the pager system using PDI 2400 through the real field test. The receiving performance is improved by 20% of aaverage, compared with other existing systems.

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