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LDD structure is widely accepted in fabricating short channel MOSFETs due to reduced short channel effect originated form lower drain edge electric field. However, modeling of the LDD device is troublesome because the analysis methods of LDD region known are either too complicated or inaccurate. To solve the problem, this paper presents a nonlinear resistance model for the LDD region based on teh fact that the electron mobility changes with positive gate bias because accumulation layer of electrons is formed at the surface of the LDD region. To prove the usefulness of the model, single source/drain and LDD nMOSFETs were fabricated with 0.35$\mu$m CMOS technolgoy. For the fabricated devices we have measured I$_{ds}$-V$_{gs}$ characteristics and compare them to the modeling resutls. First of all, we calculated channel and LDD region mobility from I$_{ds}$-V$_{gs}$ characteristics of 1050$\AA$ sidewall, 5$\mu$m channel length LDD NMOSFET. Then we MOSFET and found good agreement with experiments. Next, we use calculated channel and LDD region mobility to model I$_{ds}$-V$_{gs}$ characteristics of LDD mMOSFET with 1400 and 1750$\AA$ sidewall and 5$\mu$m channel length and obtained good agreement with experiment. The single source/drain device characteristic modeling results indicates that the cahnnel mobility obtained form our model in LDD device is accurate. In the meantime, we found that the LDD region mobility is governed by phonon and surface roughness scattering from electric field dependence of the mobility. The proposed model is useful in device and circuit simulation because it can model LDD device successfully even though it is mathematically simple.

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