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논문 상세정보

학교급식 영양사의 식행태, 업무소요시간 및 피로도에 과한 실태조사 -대전.지역충남의 급식방식별 비교

Dietary Behaviors, Consumed Time for Job Duties and Fatigue Levels of Dietitians by School Foodservice Type in Taejon and Chungnam


The school foodservice(FS) dietitians of conventional, co-management and central kitchen systems were compared for their levels of fatigue degrees in order to examine their work specification but no to diminish their educational roles. One hundred and thirtheen primary schools in Taejon and Chungcheongnam-Do participated in the survey, of which foodservice were consisted of 99 conventional types, 7 comanagement types and central kitchen types. Information was collected about the various working hours dietary behavior and fatigue symptoms of the dietitians. The results of this study were as follows : Among 3 school foodservice types, dietitians spent 8 hours and 16 minutes daily for their for their work on the average. However, the central kitchen type dietitans in cities spent 3 hours more compared to the others. The data from the dietitians' work schedule sheets showed that the 5 parts of dietitian's duties set in the school foodservice laws were not well performed. In the central kitchen type they spent more time for food production whereas in the conventional they spent more time for menu formation and hygiene control. It was found that fatigue levels of school foodservice dietitians were chronic with no difference among foodservice systems or among school locations. Our results indicated that nutrition education in primary schools was almost neglected. It is suggested that the school foodservice should meet all the objectives of school-lunch program even though they saved dietitians' work load more or less. The importance of students to improve their dietary habits could never be overlooked. (Korean J Community Nutrition 1(2) : 250-259, 1996)

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