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논문 상세정보

한국 비영리 민간연구기관의 문제점과 개선방안의 고찰

Problems and improving Measures for Korean Private non-Profit Research Institutions(PNRIs)


The term private non-profit research institutions is defined as non-profit organization which is legally constituted, nongovernmental entities and set up to serve R&D activities. These institutions, apart form colles, universities, and government-funded R&D centers, play a relatively small, but important rode in the national R&D picture. The crucial feature of PNRIs is that they have more stringent royalty demands and secrecy to contracting company compared with colleges and universities. Also they have institutional advantages in bringing together persons from many disciplines. Almost all of PNRIs rely on grants, endowment or contracts from government and from private industry. PNRIs account for about 3.3 percent of the total R&D effort in korea. Besides PNRIs there are two more other categories of non-profit research institutes in korea: industrial research association(IRA), civilian manufacturing technology institute(CMTI). The main problems of PNRIs in korea are as followed: first, their portion of national R&D activities is relatively small; second, there are three different "promotion laws" which applied each group of PNRIs respectively, meaning the lack of legal arrangement for promoting PNRKs; third the self-commercialization of their R&D outcomes are prohibited by related laws comprehensively. Legal arrangement for supporting PNRIs, rearrangement of monitoring system of OPNRIs, permission of self-commercialization of PNRI's R&D outcomes are recommended as policy measures.

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