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논문 상세정보

수명이 지수분포를 따를 때 정기검사 및 정시종결하에서 신뢰성 샘플링검사계획의 개발

Development of Reliability Acceptance Sampling Plan for the Exponential Lifetime Distribution under Periodic Inspection and Type I Censoring


A reliability Acceptance Sampling Plan (RASP) is developed for testing the exponential mean lifetime under the periodic (i. e., equally-spaced) inspection and Type I censoring. Under the periodic inspection, the exact sampling distribution of maximum likelihood (ML) estimator of mean can not be derived. Hence sample size and acceptance criterion are determined by the algorithm proposed on the basis of Monte Carlo simulation such that the producer's and consumer's risks are satisfied for given censoring time and number of inspections. In addition, the developed RASP is compared in terms of sampling size, OC curve, and expected completion time. The effects for the RASP by the chosen inspection scheme are also discussed.

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