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중,하부 식도및 분문에 발생한 식도 종양의 위장을 이용한 식도재건술의 외과적 치험

The surgical experiences of esophageal reconstruction with stomach at the middle and lower esophageal and cardia cancer


The forty patients with carcirLoma of the esophagus or cardia seen at National Medical Center between November 1983 and April 1994 underwent surgical exploration. The esophagogastrectomy was carried out in 29 of 40 patients, one case through right thoracotomy, the others through left thoracotomy. Two patients underwent colon bypass surgeries due to upper esophageal cancer Transhiatal esop agectomy was performed In one case. Feeding gastrostomy or feeding jejunostomy were performed in 8 patients due to the advanced stage or malnutrition. In this report, we evaluated the long-term results in the 28 patients who underwent esophagogastrectomy for palliation through the left thoracotomy. There were 25 men(89%) and 3 women(11 %), and the mean age was 58.65$\pm$7.15 years(range, 46 to 73 years). The most frequent preoperative symptoms included dysphagia (22), weight loss (15), chest pain (6), vomiting (1), and hoarsness (1). Twenty-three patients had sqamous cell cancers of mid-and lower esophagus and five adenocarcionomas of cardia. One patient died in the hospital within 30 days of the op- eration for a hospital mortality rate of ).7%, Cause of death was sepsis due to anastomotic leakage. There were five additional complications in five patients; acute respiratory distress syndrome (1), post-op- erative bleeding (1), diaphragmatic hernia (1), acute renal failure (1) and late raft stenosis (1). The one year, 1틴o years, and three years acturial survival rate were 75.6$\pm$9.5%, 43.2$\pm$ 11.6%, 21.6: 10.5$\circledcirc$ re- spectively. The average survival was 21.8 months. The data from this study suggest that esophagogastrectomy through the left thoracotomy can achieve resonable long-term palliation for carci- noma of the esophagus. The operation can be performed with a low operative mortality and few serious postoperative complications.

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