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논문 상세정보

부산 연안역에서의 국지풍모델을 이용한 이류확산 수치모의

Numerical Simulation of Advection and Diffusion using the Local Wind Model in Pusan Coastal Area, Korea


The two-stage numerical model was used to study the relation between three-dimensional local wind model, advection/diffusion model of random walk method and second moment method on Pusan coastal area. The first stage is three dimensional time-dependent local wind model which gives the wind field and vertical dirrusion coefficient. The second stage is advection/diffusion model which uses the results of the first stage as input data. First, wind fields on Pusan coastal area for none synoptic scale wind showed typical land and sea breeze circulation, and convergence zone occured at 1200LST in northern of domain, in succession, moved northward of domain. Emissions from Sinpyeong industrial district were trasnported toward the inland by sea breeze during daytime, and reached the end part of domain about 1800LST. During nighttime, emissions return to sea by land breeze and vertical diffusion also contributes to upward transport. In order to use this model for forecast of air pollution concentration on the Pusan coastal area, it is necessary that computed value must be compared with measured value and wind fields model must also be dealt in detail.

저자의 다른 논문

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