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논문 상세정보

국내 주요 쓰레기 소각시설로부터 발생하는 수은의 대기 배출량에 관한 연구

Release of Airborne Mercury from Major Waste Incineration Systems in Korea


The encironmental consequences of airborne mercury (Hg) release from waste incineration system are wellperceived. To provide some insights into those phenomena, we have assessed annual emission rates of Hg for several major incineration systems in Korea following the procedures developed abroad. The results of our computation, derived on the basis of dividing the whole amounts of annually incinerated wastes into municipal solid Wastes (MSW), and medical solid wastes (MDW), indicate that the extent of Hg release may be significant nationwide, possibly approaching a few tonnes of Hg per year basis. Knowing that the airborne transport and the resulting deposition of Hg can exert serious pollutions to the aquatic ecosystems, of particular fisheries, we are obliged to establish a stringent measure to confine the amount of Hg released via incineration.

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