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논문 상세정보

자동차용 M-90 스파크 점화기관의 배기가스 정화특성

Exhaust gas purification characteristics of M-90 fueled SI engine for passenger car


With the recent interest in methanol as a SI engine fuel, aldehyde emissions have become a greater concern. A M-90 fueled passenger car was operated in a chassis dynamometer using FTP 75 driving cycle to examine formaldehyde emissions. Formation process of aldehyde and methods to reduce them are discussed in this paper for a SI-engine passenger car operating by M-90. Aldehyde emissions have been found to be 3 to 7 times higher from M-90 than from gasoline, while CO, NOx, THC are as low or lower than gasoline. Noble metal compositions appeared to play a role in formaldehyde and unburned methanol emission performance. For example, catalyst Pd showed better reduction of both formaldehyde and methanol than catalyst Pt. however, emission rates of formaldehyde and methanol for catalyst Pt were relatively similar to catalyst Pt/Rh.

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