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논문 상세정보

양측식 선형펄스모터의 자기회로 및 정추력해석

Analysis of Magnetic Circuit and Static Thrust of a Double-sided Linear Pulse Motor


In this paper, the characteristics of a double-sided linear pulse motor (DLPM) with permanent magnet are analysed using the method which combined the coenergy method and the equivalent magnetic circuit method. In the process of computation, the magnetic material nonlinealities of the permanent magnet, the primary and the secondary core are interpolated by the cubic spline method. Then, the equivalent magnetic circuit modelled by the permeance method including airgap reluctance, which is a function of displacement, is obtained. The static thrust which is the derivative of coenergy is computed by Newton Raphson method at each dispacement. And, in order to investigate the characteristics of the DLPM, the thrust shows as a function of displacement, input current and air gap. The simulation resuls are compared with experimental ones obtained from the DLPM with 2 phase and 4 poles.

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