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논문 상세정보

우리나라 사신복에 관한 연구-통일신라시대까지

A Study on the Clothing of the Korean Envoy-To the Univied Silla-


From Yan Chikgong-do the first picture of the envoy to the pictures of the age of Unified Shilla the traces of Korean envoys were found and they habe been continually found in the pictures of China Japan and Central Asia. The traditional Korean basic clothing which the envoys were in yang Chikgong-do has changed with the age. Korean envoys wore their thraditional cloth-ing to show their dignity whenever they went abroad. They have adapted themselves to the change of history and diplomatic policies However they could express their indentities as Korean people in Hanba-do by enshrining national features that is wearing the tra-ditional Korean clothing. From this study is can be concluded that traditional style of Korean clothing has continued in spite of be-ing under the influence of the foreign style of clothing.

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