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논문 상세정보

현대 남성수트의 변천과 미학적 특성

Changing Styles & Aesthetic Charactics of Modern mes's Sutil


This research is to observe background of origination and process of changing style for men's suits and also to observe the root of aes-thetics which has made the changing style be maintained for nearly 200 years. The aesthetic characteristics are 1)The revival of the Neo-Classicism beauty in the 18th century could be regarded as the root of incipient style of the modern men's suits design. And the cutters recreated ancient nude hero which was an object of envy at that time and also reproduced men's suits through modifying the existed suits to make the ancientnude conform with the sewing regulations in order to describe and convey the perfect image of gender,. 2) The cutter who pursued merit of the classicismic aesthetics in the late 18th cen-tury artistically upgraded English rough country coat to keep pace with Nordic coat style of netherland Russia Germany while in constrast with the coat style mode which was in fashion in France and Italy then And also they changed the English country coat to a noble natural clothing structure in relation to ancient sculpture to keep the English tradition. 3) Im the 18th century Neo-Classicism art emphasized transparent and monochromatic beauty and thus color was limitedly used. In the use of the limited color however ancient aesthetical simple purity was well described within the more realistic outline. In those days the cutter who admired the English neo-Classicism removed color-luster and preferred colorless finished dimly and transparently. And thus color of the men's suits become to be also dim colored in los brightness. This means that it did not express pure beauty but brought such effect of the Classicism beauty that the nude itself was figured out.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (2)

  1. 2004. "Analysis of the Men's Fashion Style in the Fashion Collections" 한국의류학회지 = Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles, 28(2): 270~279 
  2. Ham Youn-Ja 2005. "Aesthetic Value of the Neoclassic Style in Eighteenth to Nineteenth Century Fashion" 服飾 = Journal of the Korean Society of Costume, 55(6): 125~140 


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