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논문 상세정보

Gap 모델을 이용한 광릉삼림군락의 천이에 대한 모의 실험

Simulation of Forest Succession in Kwangnung Experimental Forest with Gap Model


Forest stand development in Kwangnung Experimental Forest, Korea, was simulated with a forest succession gap model of the JABOWA/FORET type, in order to predict climax species and characterime the trend of community structure along the succession. The model runs for a period or 1, 000 yr and is based on the averaged successional characteristics of 50 forest plote with an individual size or 1/12 ha gap consisted of the 15 major tree species. The total bimass and leafarea index have arrived at a steady state since about 200 yr and these values are smaller than that or field survey. Carpinus cordata, C. laxiflora, Quercus mongolica and Q. serrata were epected to be climax species that represent about 86% or total biomass in later stage and these results coincided with the previous succession studies from field survey in the area.

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