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인장시편의 사출성형시 충전과정의 수치해석에 관한 연구

A Study on Numerical Analysis of Filling Stage in Injection Molding of Tensile Specimens


In order to accomplish injection molding process effectively and to eliminate the need for costly iteration of mold design and tooling, analysis of the filling stage is essential. For complex problems, numerical methods are commonly used for modeling of the filling stage. With development of CAD/CAM, numerical methods are widely used for simulation of the injection molding which is one of the most important net shape manufacturing processes. For better implementation of numerical analysis, a delivery system was considered by employing tubular elements. Pressure and mold wall temperature variations were measured by Pressure transducers and thermocouples and the results were compared with simulations. It has been shown that the results of the experiment and the simulation are in good agreement with respect to melt fronts and pressure profiles. in thes study, a hybrid finite element/finite difference control volume method and an automatic mesh generation scheme were developed and successfully applied to numerical simulation of filling process in injection molding. The developed program provided useful information on flow front advancement, pressure Profile, weld line location and shape, and temperature distribution during mold filling stage.

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