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Direct Containment Heating, DCH, is supposed to occur during a core melt-down accident if the primary system pressure is still high at the time of vessel breach in a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). In this case, DCH is considered to be one of very important severe phenomena during postulated severe accident scenario because of the fast heat transfer rate to atmosphere and the sharp pressure increase in a containment. To reduce the effect of this DCH phenomena, the capture volume wes designed at Ulchin NPP units 3 and 4. But, the effect of this has not been studied extensively. This work consists of experimental and numerical analyses of the effects of capture volume in the cavity on DCH phenomena. The experimental model is a 1/30 scaled-down model of Ulchin NPP units 3 and 4. We used three types of capture volumes to investigate the effect of size. Numerical analysis using CONTAIN 1.2 is performed with the correlation for the dispersed fraction of molten corium from the cavity into the containment derived from the experimental data to examine the effect of capture volume on DCH phenomena in full scale of Ulchin NPP units 3 and 4.

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