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Plant monitoring algorithm developments seem to be saturated which means that display system to show the results from the algorithm should be the well-defined and interactive tools for operator's diagnosing, controlling, restoring the abnormal plant situations. On the other hand, very little generalized display design concepts and evaluations are available. Events that are unfamiliar to operators and that has not been anticipated by designers may cause great threats to the nuclear power plant system safety operation. The abstraction hierarchy, considered most popular display design methodology but not generalized for nuclear power plant design space, has ken proposed as a representation frame work that can be adopted to design interfaces and supports operators in diagnosing overlooked events that should have been considered to operate plant safely. However most practical plant display systems do not fully stick to this design concept but partially rely on their philosophy from design experiences. Abstraction hierarchy display design concept will be do scribed and the trend of Advanced Control Room(ACR) CRT design will also be presented with the conventional display for the several type of plants. Consequently this complementary material should be of interest to designer and regulators concerned with nuclear power plant.

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